Will Having Sex Help Getting Rid Of The Flu?

Want to get down while you’re feeling under the weather? Sex while sick is actually one of the best you’ll ever experience, but it won’t speed up your recovery whatsoever. Your doctor may suggest that you get some rest to fully recover, but a racy romp wouldn’t get you in trouble, in most cases. In this article, we’ll discuss the things you need to know before having sex while down with the flu.

Can you get sick while having sex?

Flu is not a sexually-transmitted disease, but you can definitely get infected if you choose to have sex with a person who has the flu. Sex is an intimate activity, and being within such close proximity with each other would allow the transmission of airborne viruses. Getting infected has a lot to do with your immune resistance. If your immune system is healthy, you’d have a lower risk of getting infected.

Can sex be a useful therapy to help you get better?

The idea that breaking a sweat while you have the flu is actually counterproductive. Some people misconstrue the excessive sweating while the fever breaks as something that should be induced to get better; it doesn’t. Taking antipyretics would cause excessive sweating, but sweating it out by having sex or working out could make you tired, expending the energy that your body saves for recovery.

The flu can last for several days, and while having sex could have a physical toll on your body that hampers your recovery for a little bit, it could help immensely in helping you get through the dreadful days you spend while you recover.

Sex triggers a release of neurochemicals that indicate pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness. While you are sick and your body focuses on recovery, certain neuroreceptors for pleasure and happiness are not engaged, which makes having sex feel extraordinary while you’re sick. Essentially, your body becomes more sensitive during sex, which only makes sex more pleasurable and satisfying for you and your partner.

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