Which Male Body Parts Do Women Find Sexy?

It’s easy to guess the female body parts that catch a man’s attention, but do men know which male body parts women stare at? Women are known to be driven by emotions, but a major part of the attraction is also physical. A recent online poll suggests that women are just as likely to be aroused by visual cues as men. Women now are more open to show their attraction towards male body parts, and thanks to the insight of female magazine websites, we now have a better understanding of what makes a woman’s head turn.

  1. Chest
    Just like how men are genetically-hardwired to stare at a woman’s chest, women are genetically attracted to a man’s chest area. Women associate the chest region of a man’s body with strength, warmth, and intimacy– all of the qualities women look for in a man.
  2. Arms
    Should it be any surprise that women stare at a man’s arms? Women associate a man’s arms with strength, which is a key trait for a man’s masculine appeal. One online survey says that the arms is the first part of a man’s body that women touch.
  3. Torso
    Why do women go crazy for six packs? We’re not entirely sure. We just know that women swoon over men who have a ripped torso. The more ripped, the better.
  4. Groin
    If this article was published a decade ago, a man’s groin would not make this list because everyone would be too hesitant to admit that they secretly thirst over a man’s privates. Now, women are more open to discussing highly-sexualized topics, and well-endowed gentlemen are now more desired than ever.
  5. Buttocks
    Women are quite vocal with their friends when they see a man with a chiseled buttocks. Knowing that women also like men’s shapely rears only reinforces the idea that women are not at all that different with men when it comes to attraction.

A man may have all these qualities, and still come up short in one, very important detail – sexual performance. Master the manly arts of sex, attraction, dating, and many more by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram.