Top 3 Signs That You Are Bad in Bed

Have you ever questioned your ability in the bedroom? Most men go through their lives without really knowing that they were subpar in the bedroom. There are various reasons why men do not confront their lack of sexual performance, but without understanding how bad – or good you are in the bedroom prevents you from enjoying mutual satisfaction with your partner.

Are you curious to find out if you are bad in bed? See the top 3 signs that you are bad in bed below:

  1. You always climax before she does
    Once is forgivable, but always climaxing before your partner does is the hallmark of horrible men in bed. This always happens when the man is only after his own sexual satisfaction. There’s nothing that would make women more sexually frustrated than having their partners climax before them every single chance they get. If you climax before your partner does, know that your partner also needs to finish. Try to hold it in as much as you can, and if you can’t, at least return the favor and try to make her climax through other means.
  2. You keep asking if she likes it
    Asking if your partner likes what you are doing may be kinky at first, but if you keep asking whether she likes it or not with every position you do, then it’s not sexy or kinky anymore; it’s just annoying for women. Sex is all about letting your partner experience sex the way you do, and that means responding to every single time you ask them if they like it might break the whole vibe.
  3. You climax unexpectedly
    When your partner gets down on you, it’s not an automatic license to bust a nut while she’s down there. Nothing annoys women more than a man who deliberately blows his load without letting them know, especially when they are down there doing the dirty deed. It’s the ultimate sign of disrespect and the only sign anyone really need to tell that you’re a lousy lay.

How did you fare? Were you unintentionally bad in bed? Now that you know what makes you bad, learn from the experience and become a better partner!

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