The Most Dangerous Sexual Position for Men

Is there such thing as a dangerous sexual position? For something as pleasurable as sex, it is unthinkable that you would sustain anything that would cause you injuries while doing the dirty deed. However, sex experts suggest that some sexual positions can result in extremely painful injuries for men. In this article, we’ll discuss the most dangerous sexual positions for men.

Wonder which sex positions are most likely to send you to the emergency room? Read up.

  1. Human pogo stick
    The human pogo stick is a sex position made popular by Hollywood films and some adult videos. It is basically a missionary position done upright, and the man carries the full weight of the girl, while the girl has her legs wrapped around her partner. It may look good in movies, but in real life it can get you seriously injured. Unless you have a fairly petite partner, this move would likely injure your back and may result in a slipped disc.
  2. Reverse cowgirl
    The reverse cowgirl is every woman’s favorite position, because they completely control the tempo, and basically everything else. However, things may take a turn for the worse if your partner decides to lean back farther than your non-flexible erection can take. Just like your elbow, your penis can also be hyperextended, and it may lead to a very painful sensation that would sideline you for weeks.
  3. Shower sex – any position
    Any position done in the shower is particularly dangerous, not just because of the slippery surface, but because of the small space that would require you to do it standing up. Shower sex is dangerous because you’d have a slippery surface, a forceful back-and-forth motion, and lastly, there aren’t many things to hold on to in the shower, which makes it likely for you and your partner to slip and fall while having sex.

Experimenting on sex positions is one of the best ways to keep sex interesting, but before you do anything crazy, make sure that you don’t get injured. Be safe!

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