Should You Be Worried About Male Orgasmic Disorder?

Do you find it difficult to climax? Around 80% of men experience the male orgasmic disorder, but because only a select few are aware that such disorder exists, only few ever seek treatment. Surely you’ve had times in the past when you found it difficult to reach your orgasm, and just proceeded to give yourself a tug to get it done. Recent surveys and studies suggest that men do not seek treatment for the male orgasmic disorder because most assume that being unable to reach an orgasm is natural.

What is the Male Orgasmic Disorder?

The Male Orgasmic Disorder is a condition where a man experiences difficulties reaching an orgasm. The disorder often gets mistaken for erectile dysfunction, where a man specifically fails to achieve or maintain an erection. In a patient suffering from male orgasmic disorder, there is no specific lack of obtaining or maintaining an erection. However, there is a distinct difficulty to reach an orgasm.

Male Orgasmic Disorder Risk Factors

Some men are more at-risk for developing episodes of the male orgasmic disorder due to existing health conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Hormonal imbalance. Rarer cases point towards conditions such as hypogonadism, thyroid disorders, nervous system disorders, and pituitary conditions. If you have been diagnosed by any of these diseases, you may consult your doctor about the proper way to deal with male orgasmic disorder.

The Common Reasons Why You Can’t Obtain an Orgasm

The most common reasons why men find it difficult to achieve an orgasm isn’t really because of an underlying biological disorder. More often than not, men experience such difficulties because of drugs, alcohol, and low testosterone levels. Drugs and alcohol severely impair your ability to achieve an orgasm because it alters several events in your parasympathetic nervous system. Essentially, it mutes the sensation that you could be enjoying while having sex, which prevents you from reaching a climax. Subsequently, low testosterone can also be blamed for acute male orgasm problems as it makes you less sensitive to sexual stimulus.

In any case, the most common reasons can be dealt with directly by addressing the cause. Simply modulating your intake of alcohol can drastically improve sexual pleasure, while taking male enhancement supplements that improve libido can help you achieve orgasms easier.

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