Penile Fracture: Can You Really Break Your Penis?

If there is one thing more painful than catching a fastball with your scrotum, then it must be getting your penis broken in half while erect. How true is it that men get penile fractures? Penile fracture is definitely a possibility, but it doesn’t happen as often for it to be considered as a threat. However, for those rare instances when it happens, it will require surgery it will be very, VERY painful.

Penile Fractures

Calling a penile fracture a “fracture” is basically a misnomer since the penis doesn’t have any bones in it to fracture.  While we’re at it, calling an erection a “boner” is a misnomer too, but that’s not what we’re here for. A penile fracture happens when the cavernous spaces in your penis rupture due to an outside force, typically during sex.

Penile fractures only happen when you are erect and your cavernous spaces are filled with blood. By means of an outside force or trauma, your cavernous spaces rupture, which instantly makes your penis flaccid. According to men who have experienced a penile fracture, it’s a lot like a popping sensation a hundred times more painful than popping a huge pus-filled boil. If that didn’t curl your toes, I don’t know what will. Even worse is what happens next – your penis would have a huge hematoma, likely bigger than your erection, which will last for several days, or until you get your surgery.

Penile Fracture Prognosis

Recovery from a penile fracture could depend on how fast you can get a doctor to examine your injury – and you would definitely want to see a doctor considering how painful the injury is. Most cases end up having surgery, while some would be advised to wait it out until the injury heals by itself.

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