Male Hygiene 101


How well do you take care of your private area?

A recent online survey suggests that women are twice more likely to be concerned about hygiene than men. However, it should not make the impression that men are excused for having poor hygiene habits. Poor hygiene is a deal breaker for anyone, period. If anything, this survey suggests that most women have higher hygiene standards that men need to be aware of. In this article, we will discuss three easy steps to make sure that your groin area is smelling fresh, all-day-long.


  1. Wash every time you take a leak
    Men do not wash themselves as often as they should. Washing yourselves after taking a leak is the proper way to take care of your groin area. The male groin is moist with glandular secretions, and its warm environment is the perfect place for bacteria and fungus to grow, which makes the region smell bad. Simply wash with a mild soap, and pat dry with a towel.
  2. Avoid strong fragrances
    Some men would try to mask the smell by putting products that contain strong fragrances. While these could mask the smell temporarily, the skin irritation that it could bring may attract bacterial and fungal growth in the area. The groin is also the region where there is a high concentration of male pheromones, and having strong fragrances in the same area may make pheromones ineffective.
  3. Use cold water when applicable
    If you can tolerate using cold water to wash your privates, then use cold water every chance you get. Cold water can close pores and reduce the surface temperature of your skin to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in the region. Using warm water may be more comfortable to use for washing, but the moist environment can only attract growth that would cause the pungent odors.

No matter how gifted you are in your pants or in the bedroom, it would all be for nothing if you do not practice good hygiene. Simply do these three easy steps to keep your privates fresh and ready for sex. To know more about how to keep your body in perfect shape for sex, bookmark this website and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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