Is Your Desk Job Causing Erectile Dysfunction?

How many hours do you spend every day sitting on your office chair? Desk jobs which require a good amount of time sitting, may actually be harmful to your sexual health.

A recent survey on a popular men’s health website suggested that men working blue collar jobs are less likely to have erectile dysfunction between the ages of 40-60. While these statistics may seem farfetched, there is a sound scientific explanation as to why men who sit for longer than 9 hours a day are at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Office Work And Erectile Dysfunction

Desk jobs that require men to sit for a long period of time could increase a man’s risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Without proper exercise, certain muscle groups from the waist down may weaken, as characterized by atrophied muscles which control not only your thighs and legs, but also your groin area. The time spent sitting down may also affect blood flow to the penis, especially when the body shifts blood flow to the legs after hours of sitting down. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, office jobs may also cause obesity. The increase of fatty tissue in the body can trigger an increase in estrogen, which can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

Humans are naturally active creatures. Our DNA basically expects us to be physically active for everything to work as intended. That’s why such dominating inactive lifestyles have such an impact on our lives. When your work requires you to sit for hours at a time, you can still prevent erectile dysfunction by compensating for the lost muscle activity to your legs. Biking, jogging, or swimming after a long day at work could stimulate the muscle groups in your lower body to prevent erectile dysfunction.

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