Is Male Menopause Real?

Should you be concerned about male menopause? When women age, they enter a point in their life where their bodies significantly reduce sex hormone production and ovulation stops, a period more commonly known as menopause. While most men believe that male menopause exists, it’s actually more of a misconception – and here’s why:

Unlike women, men do not experience a sudden stop in our sexual function, but several factors add up over time, which contributes to the decline of a man’s sexual health. It is normal for men to experience a drop in testosterone levels, but that process starts earlier – during the adult stage. After puberty, men experience a slow and gradual decrease in testosterone production. Eventually, the decline would reach a point where it would hamper a man’s ability to perform sexually. The slow and steady decline of testosterone, combined with other physiological factors such as diabetes, hypertension, and stress, could all add up and result in erectile dysfunction.

What You Can Do Against Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is common, and unavoidable for men. Eventually, men will experience erectile dysfunction. Truth be told, all men can really do is reduce their risks of developing erectile dysfunction early, and make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to preserve their sexual ability. According to experts, simply reducing your sugar intake could mean a lot to your sexual health, especially as you get older.

On the flipside, men have it better than women when it comes to sexual health. When it comes to libido, men have plenty of options to recover their sexual health through drugs and male enhancement supplements. Women, on the other hand, have limited options, often having to settle for lubricants to enhance sexual pleasure. It’s time for men to realize the worth of sexual enhancement pills because we certainly know that women would jump at the chance to get their hands on one, if such a pill was made for them.

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