Is Cybersex Good for Sexual Health?

Do you enjoy cybersex? A recent online poll with over 500 male respondents suggests that more and more men are engaging in cybersex. The question is – is cybersex good for sexual health? Can virtual intimacy affect your sexual performance? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of cybersex to determine how it affects your sexual health.

Cybersex Pros

Cybersex gives couples a practical way to enjoy sexual intimacy without the physical presence. While there is a significant number of cybersex participants that are in it solely for their own kink, there is a much larger group of people who turn to cybersex to have sexual intimacy without the physical aspect of it. The internet essentially made distance irrelevant for couples in long-distance relationships. It also made a safety net for some that would want to take a shot at sexual intimacy without the pressure of physical interaction. Lastly, cybersex is a way for couples to openly discuss sex without it being too awkward, and become more confident when talking about sex.

Cybersex Cons

Putting aside the privacy and security risks associated with cybersex, there are not much that could be said negatively about cybersex. Cybersex may help couples to be more open about sex, but it may also allow them to prefer the virtual interaction over real, physical interaction because they have become more comfortable in the virtual world. Sexual health isn’t only about getting your carnal desires satisfied; it’s also about having the physical capacity to become intimate physically with another person.

Is Cybersex Bad for Secual Health

In essence, cybersex is just masturbation while being stimulated by another person, and masturbation alone is not healthy. However, the benefits of cybersex in maintaining sexual intimacy and opening new opportunities for couples to enjoy sex makes cybersex a healthy practice, as long as it does not take over real, physical intimacy.

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