How To Prepare For a Second Round

Do you still have it in you to make it past the first round of sex?

Men 30 years and older often have problems with endurance. Some only have enough in the tank to enjoy one round of intimacy every night. However, it’s not as frustrating as you might think for both parties as getting off once is the norm for adult couples.

Enjoying the second round of intimacy is reserved for extremely passionate encounters where both parties are thoroughly enamored in passion and pleasure, which fuels their bodies to engage in sexual intercourse even after their biological desires have been fulfilled. Such encounters become memorable for both parties because it’s rare, and it involves more than just physical pleasure. If you want to enjoy the elusive second round, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Abstain
    You might get the urge to get yourself off when you get in the mood, but to get your body ready for the second round, you would need to abstain from reaching your climax for at least 24 hours. Reaching an orgasm would lower your testosterone and zinc, which could lower your libido.
  2. Pace Yourself
    Long, passionate encounters are likely to enter a second round. If you rush into getting yourself off, you may lose stamina and libido quickly, which prevents you from having the fuel to endure a second round.
  3. Hydrate
    Your body loses A LOT of fluids during sex. Make sure that you are properly hydrated to reduce fatigue, and keep your body going.
  4. Take Male Enhancement Pills
    Some of the good male enhancement pills contain ingredients that may prolong libido and sexual endurance. Take male enhancement pills daily to build up your libido and stamina to last beyond the second round.

Sounds simple enough, right? Trust me, if you can make it past the second round, getting to round three would be a lot easier – and your partner would be more than willing to give you the night of your life.

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