Can Sex Make Your Muscles Bigger?

Is sex getting in the way of your gains? The effect of sex on your sexual health is much bigger than you think.

Recent surveys at a popular bodybuilding website suggest that most men feel “slowed down” after having sex. There are conflicting accounts as to whether sex has a positive or negative impact on sexual health, and on this article, we will set the matter straight with facts and science.

Regular sexual activity is an important indicator of a person’s libido, and libido is an excellent indicator of a man’s testosterone. Testosterone fuels a man’s sex drive and coincidentally influences the rate of growth of muscle fibers. As important as testosterone is to both sexual health and muscle growth, frequent sexual activity may have positive and negative impacts on sexual health.

Many bodybuilders take synthetic compounds that mimic male hormones to speed up muscle growth. Frequent sexual activity influences testosterone production, which could promote muscle growth. However, to fully sustain testosterone production, a man must have a healthy diet that is rich in zinc and magnesium. Testosterone production requires a healthy supply of zinc and magnesium to sustain the requirements of a healthy sex life while maintaining optimal muscle growth.

When a man experiences an orgasm, a significant amount of zinc is released by the body through the ejaculate fluid. The release of zinc triggers a sharp drop in testosterone and libido. The key to sustaining the testosterone production triggered by frequent sexual activity is to ensure that you have the right nutrients to sustain testosterone production.


It is 100% true that sex can make your muscles bigger since sex can influence testosterone production. However, sex also releases zinc, which is critical to testosterone production. To take advantage of the benefits of sex to muscle growth, make sure that your diet incorporates zinc and magnesium-healthy foods such as spinach, dark chocolate, oysters, beef, and lamb. For best results, you can check out supplements or multivitamins that provide a healthy supply of the nutrients you need to maintain an optimal sexual and physical health.

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