Can Excess Sugar Kill Your Libido?

Can your unhealthy sugar intake affect your sex life? A recent survey about sexual health suggests that 65% of men who have battled with long-term ED also get treated for diabetes. In fact, many of those who got diagnosed with diabetes had themselves initially complained about ED symptoms, only to find out that the underlying cause is diabetes.

The Sugar – Testosterone Link

Various studies have been published detailing the effects of blood sugar in testosterone production. Increased blood sugar causes insulin levels to spike. Over time, the body develops a resistance to insulin, which further increases blood sugar levels, and as a consequence, testosterone levels are affected as well. Insulin resistance could lead to increased fatty tissue production. The increased body fat would also spike estrogen levels, which could hamper a man’s sensitivity towards the sexual stimulus, and prevent them from sustaining erections.

Furthermore, unchecked and untreated cases of diabetes could desensitize the nerves in the groin region, as well as clog the arteries that supply blood to the male organ. Neuropathy, or nerve damage, is a common problem resulting from diabetes cases. Stenosis and occlusion are also common in cases of diabetes, which prevents the male organ from being fully engorged when a man experiences sexual arousal.

Diabetes And Sexual Health

Studies suggest that the most common drugs used to treat diabetes can also adversely affect the body’s testosterone levels. In many cases, doctors have urged the use of ED meds in conjunction with diabetes type 2 medicine to effectively improve sexual function. However, the underlying cause of low testosterone is not fully addressed as most ED medicine only focuses on erectogenic benefits.

Sexual health experts suggest the use of the top male enhancement supplements to counter the testosterone reduction brought about by common diabetes drugs. Consult your doctor if you can take male enhancement supplements in conjunction with your diabetes medicine to enjoy healthier sex life.

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