Boxers or Briefs – Which is Better?

Can your underwear preference have an impact on your sexual health?

The issue may be trivial, but choosing between boxers and briefs is something that every man can relate to.  According to sexual health experts, both underwear types have their pros and cons, but for all it’s worth, men would need to know which underwear works best for sexual health – and it shouldn’t be a matter of preference. In this article, we will discuss the various pros and cons of each, and how they can affect your sexual health.

Sperm Count – Boxers

A man’s sperm is stored inside the testes, which are housed outside of the body because the temperature of the testes must be lower than the body’s core temperature, which should explain why it is enclosed in an appendage. This means that tight briefs actually diminish the growth of sperm because it keeps the testes warmer, and closer to the body. Wearing boxers allow sperm cells to grow because of its loose fit.

Practical Fit – Briefs

Wearing boxers inside your work slacks could always get a little problematic. Boxers tend to bulge in form-fitting attire, which makes it look odd from the outside. On the other hand, the shapely fit of briefs makes it easy to wear under any kind of pants.

What Women Prefer – Boxer Briefs

Surprised? Boxer briefs have the length of boxers, with a form-fitting fabric used in briefs. Not too loose, not too tight – just right. According to a survey conducted by, it appears that an overwhelming amount of female respondents prefer boxer briefs (64.5%) over Boxers (19%) and Briefs(5%). Boxer briefs provide the comfort fit that made boxers popular while giving the same support and rigidity that briefs provide.

Briefs are quickly being overtaken by hybrid products that offer better, more practical, and more comfortable options. Just like how ED drugs are being overtaken by next-generation male enhancement supplements, briefs would soon be overrun by newer products.

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