Blood in Your Semen: Should You Be Concerned?

There’s probably nothing more alarming than seeing traces of blood in your ejaculate. Blood in semen, or hematospermia, occurs more often than you think. Blood in your semen could indicate a serious internal problem that could go beyond sexual health.

Causes of blood in the semen

Seeing blood in your semen could indicate a variety of health problems such as infections and inflammations, trauma, obstruction, tumors, polyps, and cardiovascular problems. According to the experts, as much as 15% of all cases can’t be traced to a known source, until more symptoms surface to identify the cause of the problem.

Should you be worried about blood in your semen?

Men who are younger than 40 are far less at-risk for conditions that may require medical attention. Most cases of hematospermia in men younger than 40 years old often disappears on its own. However, for men older than 40 years old, chances are higher that the condition requires  further testing and treatment, especially if there are repeated episodes of hematospermia, and with other related symptoms such as problem urinating or incontinence.

Hematospermia may be just as minor as an inflammation in your urethra, but it can be as serious as it is also an indicator of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and some forms of cancer such as prostate and testicular cancer. Older men who are at risk for cancer should be evaluated if they see blood in their semen.

What should you do when you get blood in your semen?

If you encounter blood in your semen more than once, then it’s time to have yourself checked out by a physician. Normally, your physician will conduct tests such as STI screens, blood tests, and biopsies. These tests would help identify the cause, and would hopefully steer your physician to making the correct diagnosis and treatment protocol.

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