All You Need to Know About Vasectomy

Thinking of getting the snip? There’s a lot more that you should consider before making such a drastic change to your sexual health. Apart from vasectomy, there are a variety of birth control options that you and your partner should consider. We have compiled the most sensible pros and cons of vasectomy to help you make a better decision.

Vasectomy Pros:

Vasectomy makes sense for men who have reached a stage in their lives where they are definitely sure that they no longer want to father more children. Unlike other birth control methods such as using condoms and birth control pills, getting snipped would have zero effects on sexual satisfaction. Birth control pills may alter a woman’s hormones, which could drastically affect your mutual sexual satisfaction with your partner. Condoms, on the other hand, may reduce sexual pleasure.

You will NOT get a decrease in testosterone or libido after getting a vasectomy. In fact, most men actually become more sexually active after getting a vasectomy because they are no longer concerned about getting their partner pregnant.

Vasectomy is a relatively short elective surgery with very minimal risk to the patient. Most insurance policies cover vasectomies, but the reversal procedure may not. Not all vasectomy procedures are 100% permanent. You can reverse the procedure up to a certain period of time after the procedure, but at a steep cost.

Vasectomy Cons:

Vasectomy has several cons. The most apparent is the risk of depression and anxiety once the fact that you are sterile kicks in. Not all patients respond positively to the new reality that they are no longer able to father a child, especially if they are doing the surgery out of convenience.

You are not also 100% sterile immediately following a vasectomy. You would need to ejaculate at least 30 times to clear your chambers of sperm before you can enjoy raw sex without the risk of impregnation.

Reversing vasectomy is extremely expensive, and may cost you $15,000 or more. There is also a slight risk of developing a hematoma after the surgery, but it’s nothing that would permanently impair your sex life.

Final Thoughts

Having a vasectomy is probably the most practical way to approach birth control, but it’s not something that you can rush a decision on. Think about having vasectomy a few times over, and once you’re reached a decision, then you can go for it.

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