All You Need to Know About the Refractory Period

Why do men experience difficulties getting aroused after climaxing?

What is the refractory period?

The refractory period is the sharp drop in libido that men experience after climaxing. Theorists suggest that the refractory period is the body’s natural protective response to manage the stress that sex puts on the body. During puberty, the refractory period may last between 5 to 15 minutes. As men get older, the refractory period may last from hours, to days.

What causes the refractory period?

Research suggests that the refractory period may be an evolutionary trait that helps men recuperate sexually. The seminal fluid that gets expelled during climax is rich with zinc, which may cause a sharp drop in the body’s supply of zinc, which is required to produce testosterone. The refractory period is also influenced by the reaction of neurotransmitters called prolactin and oxytocin.

Can the refractory period affect your sexual health?

Unknown to most men, the refractory period is one of the most common natural reactions that get mistaken for erectile dysfunction. The refractory period is one of the main causes of sexual dissatisfaction among men (and women, by association). Contrary to popular belief, the refractory period is an integral factor in sexual health that maintains a healthy balance between sexual activity and the mandatory recovery that comes after.

How can control and/or improve your refractory period

Sexual health experts agree that it is unhealthy to simply reduce the refractory period, since it performs an important role in allowing your body to recover. You can reduce the refractory period as long as your body supplies the right components that your body aims to recover from the rest period. Hence, you would need a supplemental source for zinc and testosterone. The right male enhancement supplements provide you with the right elements to successfully reduce the refractory period, as well as to improve zinc and testosterone production so you can enjoy as much sexual intimacy that your body can handle.

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