All You Need to Know About Doing It Raw

Are you planning on doing it raw with your partner for the first time? Raw, unprotected sex is simply the way nature intended it to be, but it’s a lot more complicated than it seems. Men and women are hardwired to want raw intercourse, but with pressing issues about STDs and unwanted pregnancies make the prospect of raw intercourse complicated. In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about raw intercourse, and how you can deal with it.

The Risk of STD/STIs

For nonexclusive couples, the risk of acquiring STDs through sexual intercourse is too high. Make sure that you are practicing safe sex if you are not in a committed relationship. STDs and STIs are not exclusively acquired through sexual intercourse only. The exchange of fluids or skin contact can transmit the infection.

Is Your Partner Interested?

Most women would be reluctant to try out unprotected intercourse, but as with the normal course of relationships, couples tend to be more open to raw intercourse as the relationship progresses. According to experts, it’s all about trust. Exclusive couples have reduced chances of transmitting STDs, and they only have the risk of having unplanned pregnancies. If you plan to have raw intercourse with your partner, make all the risks and consequences clear prior to the act.

Does Raw Intercourse “Feel” Better Than Safe Sex?

According to various polls, raw intercourse does significantly feel better than safe sex. Because of the millimeter-thick layer of latex, the sexual sensation becomes muted. Although many say that raw intercourse feels better, many are practical enough to prefer safe sex over raw intercourse. Raw intercourse, of course, is naturally more stimulating for men. If you want the closest thing to raw intercourse without the associated risks, then check out ultra-thin condoms and take male enhancement supplements that increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

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