3 Telltale Signs Of Small Penis Syndrome (SPS)

Do you unwittingly let other people know about your insecurities inside your pants? SPS, or Small Penis Syndrome, is the feeling of insecurity towards their own manhood; the sense of inferiority and inadequacy based on the size of their male organ. Roughly 6 out of 10 men have SPS tendencies, with varying degrees of severity.

SPS is essentially a defense mechanism to deflect insinuations about a man’s perceived inadequacy. However, a man’s response to such insinuations become more glaring, which in turn highlights the inadequacy in itself. Check out the three telltale signs that a person is suffering from SPS here:

  1. Strong Masculine Perfume
    A person suffering from SPS is likely to use (or overuse) a strong masculine scent. Basically, a man  with SPS is likely to patronize anything they see as masculine to create their persona of  masculinity. Men with SPS relish the thought that people around them perceive them to be masculine, hence the use of masculine scents.
  2. OverCompensation
    Overcompensation pretty much sums up most of the signs that a man suffering from SPS might have. Basically, it is a kind of peacocking in men to hide their perceived shortcomings. It would be typical for a man suffering from SPS to have jacked trucks, flashy watches, expensive accessories, and so on. Overcompensation gives the opposite sex something to focus their attention on aside from their perceived inadequacy.
  3. Aversion To Anything Feminine
    You won’t see a stronger dislike to pink or the rainbow flag than from a person with SPS. Their strong aversion to anything that they think of as feminine stems from the protectiveness of their masculine persona. They take offense to ideas that associate them with anything that is feminine in nature.

If you think you are suffering from SPS, you’d be glad to know that there is a practical solution to the problem. Bookmark my website to learn how you can improve your outlook about your sexual health, and see how easily you’d overcome the challenges of having SPS.

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